Abuse doesn't happen only to women or young people. The growing number of senior citizens also face the threat of violence. RDVIC is committed to helping elderly victims with advocacy, counseling, and support, as well as referrals to agencies that can provide them with further assistance.


Below are some examples of elder abuse:

verbal or mental abuse

name calling and insults directed at you

making fun of your disabilities

insulting your values or spirituality, or someone prevents you from attending church or other spiritual events

convincing you that you are to blame for family problems.

threatening to tell others that you are senile, crazy, or need to be put in a home.


Physical abuse

stopping you from seeing your family

blaming age and accidents for injuries caused by the abuser hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking you

slapping, pushing or choking you, pulling your hair, holding you down, threatening you with weapons or uses a weapon to harm you

using words or a look, to convey a threat that physical harm will come to you if you do not obey them


Financial abuse

denying access to your money, or are not told how family money funds are managed.

taking your social security check, retirement funds, or other financial resources against your will, without your knowledge, or by using threats and/or physical force.


If you, or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse and needs assistance or has questions, contact RDVIC at (304) 292-5100.


Agencies for Elder and Caregiver Abuse:

Adult Protection Services through Department of Health and Human Resources

(304) 285-3175

Local resources for senior citizens:

West Virginia Caregivers

Senior Monongalians, Inc.(304) 296-9812

Northern West Virginia Center for Independent Living

The WVU Center on Aging.

WV Senior Legal Aid, Inc.

235 High Street #519

Morgantown WV 26505

(800) 229-5068 or (304) 296-0082


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