Reactions to Sexual Violence

What are some reactions to sexual violence?


There a variety of ways a person may react following sexual violence, but no typical way. It depends on the individual.  You may experience a range of emotions, physical symptoms and/or behaviors.


Some victims are overwhelmed by emotions like anger, self-blame, guilt and shame. They may harbor negative beliefs about themselves, family, friends, and the future. Other people exhibit symptoms such as shock, disorientation, difficulty concentrating, unpleasant memories, flashbacks, stomach aches, headaches or migraines.


A victim of sexual violence may experience being afraid and on guard all the time, problems with relationships, sleep disturbances (nightmares, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much), or using unhealthy coping behaviors such as alcohol or drug abuse.


If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, emotional withdrawal or symptoms of depression, contact Chestnut Ridge Center immediately at (304) 598-6400


If you would like to talk about what happened to you, contact one of our confidential counselors at RDVIC at (304) 292-5100.


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